Tuesday, November 11, 2008


तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

Bhagwat Gita's Crux and 3 of the 18 chapters written by me in 1991 and the  second edition ready for publication (2011-12) is uploaded as an example for publishers. Publisher invited

Bhagwat Gita means [Bhagwat - God's; Gita - Song] God's Song.

This work hopes to preserve the sense of the great classic and does not in any manner try to proclaim itself as a scholarly interpretation or literal translation. If this work can incite the reader to turn to the original it would have achieved its purpose.
Geeta and Ramayana are perhaps the sum total of the fabrics of Hinduism (- a way of life; the religion generally followed is called `Sanatan Dharma'). Geeta teaches us both metaphysics and practice of disciplined action. It proclaims that life is worth living, teaches how it should be lived and the path to self-realisation. It is the cream of the Upanishads, which themselves are the core of the Four Vedas.
Lord's teachings do not end with what He stated to Arjun. He resides in each one of us and so communicates to us through our conscience.
There can be no two opinions about the atmosphere that had been inculcated by my parents in our family. This atmosphere is the primary cause for my interest in Geeta which led to the creation of this work. I am indebted to my mother Smt. Gayatri Devi and my father Pt. Kanhiya Lal Misra for leaving these seeds of faith in my mind, which have germinated and led to this point.
This work is His gift to my small mind so let it be dedicated to Him.
Jai Sri Krishna
Sri Munindra Misra (Munnan) 1999

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