Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bhagwat Gita - Crux

Bhagwat Gita's Crux below and 3 of the 18 chapters uploaded here have been written by me in 1991. The full book published in 1991 is available with me.
  email  Gita's CruxMunindra (Munnan) Misra - In Hindi

Why do you worry unnecessarily?
Who do you fear needlessly?
Who can kill you - none surely,
The Atma never dies - certainly.

Whatever happened was but good,
Whatever happens will be good,
Whatever be happening is but good,
The past, present, future be good.

For what is past - do not regret,
The future should not worry beget,
The present is passing - no regrets,
Be not lost in emotion or body quest.

What have you lost for which you cry,
What had you brought whose loss you fry,
You created nothing that was destroyed,
You lost nothing but just earthly toys.

To this world you had brought nothing,
From this world you will take nothing,
Whatever you have got be from here,
Whatever you give will be from here.

Whatever you give or take - be from Him,
Empty handed you came and return to Him,
What be yours today was else's yesterday,
And be of others but the following day.

Your basic thought of happiness be -
Its possession as though it be Divinity,
And this happiness will be but surely,
The cause of your sorrow unfailingly.

The cause of sorrows be thought only,
Thought of proclaiming it yours truly,
Its loss, ownership causes sorrow, joy,
In these material thoughts you fry.

Change be but the Nature's rule,
Let death not make you a fool,
In death but life does ever be,
But Man sees this not clearly.

In a second the master you be,
But the very next a slave surely,
Big or small, yours or mine,
Remove from thought and mind.

Then but yours be all beings,
And you of all the living beings,
No sorrow or joy you be seeing,
Sublime songs forever singing.

Even not yours does be the body,
Neither you belong to this body,
It but be from fire, water and air,
Earth and sky - created and cared.

Surrender to Lord and then pose,
For that be your sum best repose,
Those who know this support - surely,
Be free from fear, worry, melancholy.

Body will return to its elements surely,
Cry not when this happens inevitably,
Only the `Atma’ does live infinitely,
Ponder but then who do you be?

Before the Lord surrender fully,
This the best rapport be undoubtedly,
You came from Him most certainly,
And return to Him you must surely.

All acts that you do - ever remember,
Be but by His will - else you slumber,
Dedicate wholly your acts to Him,
And free yourself from rebirth and sin.

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